The presentation of winemakers starts with a family history through generations related to viticulture. My story is different.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Zoltan Szabadics, an engineer, businessman and a wonderful woman Éva Rádi’s proud husband, and the father of 5 boys, who trained himself in the past few years from a passionate wine lover to an engineer of viticulture and oenology and rebuilt an old historical wine estate.

How did I get connected with nature and viticulture?
It’s not easy to define but to avoid the cliches I try to sum up my story: After a literally all day long meeting marathon I arrived home and I wished for nothing but just silence, peace and nature. I drove straight to the zalaszabar vineyards, which I knew well before about its amazing view to Little Balaton natural reserve area. Sitting there, lost in my thoughts, mother nature called and since then kept me there.

címzetes egyetemi docens, szőlész-borász szakokleveles mérnök

Szabadicsné Rádi Éva és Szabadics Zoltán, a Kányaváry Borbirtok megálmodói

I shared this experience with my wife and we made the decision immediately to buy and revive the old, historical Baá-estate on the top of the hill with its unique panoramic view.. The wine estate was one of the best and famous wineries in the end of the 1800’s in Hungary and it was well known internationally, too. We set the goal to rebuild and revive the vineyard and give back the fame and dignity of the wines of Zala Wine Region where it was a century ago.

Get back to the frontline
We raise our children in the spirit of loving nature, and one day the five boys will be the legend of Kányaváry.
We hope the wine estate we dreamt, the amazing tastes, smells of the countryside brings joy and happiness for our visitors as well.